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"Instead, we will speak the truth in love, growing in every way more and more like Christ, who is the head of his body, the church."


These are mixed gender groups of 8-12 people that meet in homes throughout the month for the purpose of maturing spiritually by caring for each other, studying the Bible and serving. This fall, in addition to Christianity Explored (see above), we have two Life Groups that both meet at 4 pm on Sundays to discuss the sermon. One group meets in Bethel Park and the other in Pleasant Hills. Contact admin@redemptionhill.church to learn more.


Children matter immensely to God and in the life of the church. To that end, we do two things on Sunday mornings for our kids. The second Sunday of each month we have a more interactive service that all children stay for. We also serve communion on these Sundays.

The other Sundays in the month we offer Teaching Time during the sermon time for ages 5 to 3rd grade (except for July when we give our teachers a break.)

We keep this time simple, interactive, and focused on reading and understanding the Bible together. Also, when we can, we synch up the Bible readings in the Teaching Time with the passage being preached.

On the first Monday of each month, our high schoolers have a Bible Study from 7-8:30 at a home in Pleasant Hills. Contact Ben with questions at robel.benjamin@gmail.com.


Our Single Gender Bible Studies meet in the summer, when our Life Groups take a break.  

For fellowship throughout the school year, we have a women's monthly coffee meeting at a local coffee shop on the first Saturday of the month. Email admin@redemptionhill.church for more information.

We also have two men's groups that meet for an early breakfast before work once a month. One group meets in Bethel Park and the other in Pleasant Hills. Pastor Peter is sharing from the book Overcoming Sin and Temptation by John Owens. Contact Pastor Peter for specific dates and times at peter@redemptionhill.church.


We love the South Hills and actively look for ways to enrich our communities and bless our neighbors. To see our current events, go here.

Sometimes that looks like events like our Thank You Lunch for First Responders, or our kid's events like Father-Son Football at TJHS, FlagTag at Mowry Park or a Mother-Daughter "Frozen" Tea Party. Other times it may be working together on a community service project, visiting the elderly or volunteering through groups like South Hills Interfaith Movement.


Harvest USA is a national ministry that exists to help individuals and families affected by sexual struggles. Meetings are completely confidential and free of charge. A Harvest USA mentor is part of Redemption Hill Church and is available to meet with men of any age as they desire help.


For some reason, God wants to hear our voices -whether rich or squeaky - sing out praises to Him. It is indeed a mystery. We take a 'best of' philosophy to singing music, looking for the best songs of each generation and not being overly tied to one style or tradition. What is key for us is that the songs are true to Scripture's word about God, grace and our need for faith in Christ.