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Some things about me:

  • I married a South Hills girl.

  • I love to write music, watch football, play with my sons and meet new people.

  • I've been following Jesus for over 30 years. I know the man I would have been without God's saving love for me and am so grateful for it.

  • I have three stellar boys who keep me from getting too old too fast.

  • I spent a decade in corporate America, got my philosophy degree at Grove City College & my MDiv at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

  • Good TV: Friday Night Lights, Stranger Things and Parenthood.

  • Good Books: Knaussgard's novels, Center Church by Keller, Church as Movement by White & Woodward

  • I like to collaborate with other churches and nonprofits for the good of our towns​ and the glory of God


  • I never thought I'd marry a pastor, but God knew what I needed more than I did

  • I really love to get things done, but also appreciate deep conversations with friends to talk about God's work in the Bible and in my life

  • I studied English at Grove City College and Creative Writing at Virginia Commonwealth University.

  • I have been a mother for thirteen years, with three boys, and I love it


Redemption Hill Church is currently overseen by a group of elders from the Pittsburgh Presbytery. Pastor Peter is accountable to this committee and grateful for their collective wisdom, prayers, support and leadership.

As the church plant moves forward, this committee will be replaced by a permanent Session made up of elders from within the congregation.