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Gill Hall Volunteer Fire Company (VFC)

1228 Gill Hall Road, Jefferson Hills, PA 15025

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Our Purpose

We believe that our church should be a glimmer of God’s good reign made up of people from all races, classes and generations. Because of this, we are committed to serving the TJ community and the surrounding towns by offering real help for real people. We have a heart to include people on the 'margins.' If you feel unwanted or inadequate, we know that you're not and welcome you here, whether you're facing addiction, poverty, severe family dysfunction or other difficult things.

We also have a strong family focus, because we know it is hard to raise a family these days and our community is made up of many families. Children need instruction at their level, and parents need periodic encouragement and teaching that is specifically about being a parent.

God calls His church to be a positive contributor to its community and we embrace that calling. Our hearts are glad to serve and we desire God's Spirit to keep moving us beyond ourselves and share the grace and truth of Jesus wherever we are. We are Presbyterian in our governing (which means we're led by a group, not just the pastor) and belong to the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA).


Our View of Scripture & Theology

We believe that God has revealed himself uniquely and authoritatively through the Bible. We understand that the message of the Bible has always been provocative, and seems to becoming even more so. Despite that, we accept Scripture as timeless in that its message is always meaningful, relevant in that it gives us a beautiful outline for living a fulfilling life and wise, in that it reveals to us that the only way to be restored to communion with God through faith in Jesus Christ. We teach and preach the Bible through the lens of Reformed theology, with a constant eye toward our ongoing need for Jesus.

How We Learn

Our worship services include times of silent confession and receiving God's assurance of forgiveness, reading a catechism question together to understand the fundamental truths of Christian doctrine, and preaching that is based on Scripture and both explains the passage and applies it to our everyday lives. Sermon series alternate between thematic series and books of the Bible.

How We Grow

We grow in maturity and compassion by learning and living the way of Jesus Christ. We are sinful people, constantly seeking the power of Jesus to lift us out of selfishness and fill us with love for God and our neighbors, so that we can be a force for good in the South Hills and honestly say in our own hearts, "Let Thy kingdom come," not, "Let my kingdom come."