You left the church, not God. Now what?

February 19, 2019

It can be disconcerting to walk away from church, but still believe in God. For many of us, church is where we first learned about God, worship, sin, and salvation. However, it may also be where we saw deeply flawed people abuse or control others, or ourselves. We may have witnessed friends and family members say and sing one thing on Sunday and live entirely different lives the rest of the week.


For some, leaving the church felt necessary because their consciences were too offended to stay.


If that's you, and you now feel like you're not sure what to do next, I'd like to invite you to try again at Redemption Hill Church. We're not perfect and we're not claiming to be. We're also not claiming to be better than all the other churches in Pittsburgh. So why try Redemption Hill? Well, I believe that Christ has seen fit to equip our church plant in a way that's really helpful to hurt and abused believers. Those are:

  1. We uphold the values of repentance, honesty and love. We also gently, but consistently, challenge hypocrisy, because that's how Jesus wants his disciples to live.

  2. We're new. New communities can be good places to start over because you don't have to break into so many established relationships. You will be warmly welcomed and encouraged to participate when you're ready.

  3. We are led by a group of people, not just one person. Authority is shared - that's part of how Presbyterianism works. This provides increased accountability and fewer places for sin, abuse and corruption to hide.

  4. We love and value our children and take important steps to ensure they are safely cared for by qualified adults.  

We understand you may need to try things out at your own speed; that's fine. You also may have a lot of questions. That's to be expected. Just remember that you're always welcome here. And on the day you're ready to try church again, we'll be happy to see you - even if we haven't met you before. Till then, may you find all the healing and hope you need, not by giving up on God, but on drawing near in prayer and faith through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Pastor Peter Doerfler

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