What kind of tagline is that?

September 11, 2017

So, if you take a look at our logo, there's a tagline at the bottom that says, "Because life is better with God." I suppose you could say that if we had a rallying cry, or a home-town cheer, this would be it. We are planting a church in the TJ school district. It's a great school district serving three really wonderful communities: Pleasant Hills, Jefferson Hills and West Elizabeth.


You may live here. If so, the demographics say you've probably lived here a long time - and not because you're stuck - but because you want to stay. So we come to this wonderful section of Pittsburgh knowing that many people have accomplished a lot of what they probably set out to do: buy a nice home, have a family, work a job in a career they studied for. They may have the "American Dream," but also - especially as the years churn by - wonder if there isn't more. 


There is. The "American Dream" without Jesus often becomes increasingly shallow. The new stuff becomes old. The kids grow up and leave. Health starts to break down. And our own issues and struggles never just go away. But life with Jesus is something different. When we have faith in Jesus Christ we are connected to God in a personal and powerful relationship - held steadfast by his Holy Spirit. And so the good life is better. The great life is better. The tough life is better. Because you have Jesus Christ, and therefore, you have God. And from this relationship comes a purpose and joy that allows us to enjoy the true pleasures of this life (kids, cookies, sports), but takes us to the deeper waters of life in communion with our Creator and one day, returning Lord.

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