Make or Take?

September 11, 2017

I've found that church planting is an incredibly thought-provoking venture. My wife and I have been in Pleasant Hills since July 2017 with the express purpose of starting a new PCA church in the West Jefferson Hills School District (affectionately known as "TJ"). Where we've been challenged by the Lord, and continue to challenge our core group, is that we're ultimately here to make disciples, not take disciples. I tell that to the local pastors I meet every chance I get. "We're not here to take your folks, we're here to make new believers for Christ." 


Now, I know this won't be 100% the case. We had families waiting for us here that have been driving 30 to 40 minutes out of their communities and home towns up to Monroeville or Penn Hills or beyond, that we are "taking." However, our deepest desire is that we may join arms together in showing people the amazing ways Jesus Christ makes us new, and makes all of life better. 

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